Tuesday, April 29, 2008

getting closer and closer...

I've been busting hump all weekend trying to get these guys ready for deadline.
Plan is for a double edition of ten total, five in each color scheme. Previewed here is SkullMaster Black Ver., extra shiny (the finished edition probably won't have such a glare...I just get a little impatient with my spraying wait time and tend to go a little overboard).
Next mission: pick out the *perfect* fabric for SkullMaster's signature scarf.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


i had a little run-in with and x-acto...needless to say the sharp blade won.

meanwhile here's some dumpster monsters to look at

Thursday, April 17, 2008

clear resin night!

A new prezzie arrived today; our first batch of clear resin! Now we can add all sorts of junk to our figures like the cool kids do. Here's some pics of the fun we had!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

not done yet

This is close to the final sculpt before casting. Just a few more touch-ups (and multiple amputations) before the hot silicone injection.

Rough Draft

This is the initial sculpt for "SKULLMASTER". His design has stayed pretty close to this from the get-go, although the head has been simplified, his body has been slimmed, and the clay scarf will be replaced by cloth.


Welcome to the inaugural post on the MONSTREHERO bloog. Some background: MONSTREHERO consists of Sean and Cliff, who both love toys and monsters and robots and fighting. We set aside our differences and together created an amazing team of toy making power.
This blog will exist as a dumping ground for things we think are awesome, and as a production log (or plog) for our line(s) of toys. So stay tuned for some exciting stuff. Our first two figures, "Victim" and "Skullmaster" are gonna "drop" soon, so keep an eye out!