Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MH late 2012 Update + new Goodness in Blamo Toys' HUG Custom Show

We're not dead! In fact, quite the opposite. MH is on track for an awesome 2013, with both of us residing in the same state for the first time in 3 years (crazy to think about actually). Cliff's got a wicked new setup and we have some hot newness brewing for an imminent release (*cough*newaxefacebcandaccessories*cough*). And, who can forget Fig-lab's Finger Five Gang, of which we are humbly honored to be a part of. Expect our first vinyl release (!) soon!

In the meantime, these new customs will have to do. These were created for Blamo Toys' 4th Annual Custom Show held at Toy Art Gallery. The figure for this year is their cute little 2" resin hug, and Cliff and I both did our thing on them. Check em out and buy em HERE!