Friday, August 22, 2008

some more Axeface

Here are a few more shots of Axeface. Below is the final prototype, sculpted with Super Sculpey, primed white and sanded furiously. He's about to be clayed up and molded.

Axeface says "hello" from the beach!

Here's a turnaround of a clear grey casting that cliff's gonna paint up into something pretty. The levels are tweaked a bit to show some detail.

A wip shot of axeface's first edition. Green base with blue and yellow spray. They'll each have some distiguising features, and will be limited to three pieces(!). These suckers are biiiig... one Axeface takes 24 oz of resing, whereas one Victim takes 7 (4 oz for the body, 3 for the flame). Thats a pretty huge difference, and has thus expedited our current drought of white resin. Ooof.

Axeface in prison..

Swampgas strikes back...

When good resin goes bad...we try to conserve materials as much as possible and these are the results. These smaller sculpts are really fun to experiment with, and good for trying new techniques and not wasting resin.

And here's a nice group shot of the Swampgas edition Codename: P.A.N.T.s Monstre (thats a pain to spell out..) We still have a few of these guys left.

Swampgas with handprinted header and block print..

Shot of the print itself, two color linocut by Cliff. White and brown ink on green cardstock.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AXEFACE axeface axeface....

I'm pleased to show off MONSTREHERO's newest addition to the ranks: AXEFACE. He's been in the works almost as long as Skullmaster, but has gone through a lot of revisions. I still don't have a final production color scheme decided, but I'm having fun experimenting.
The first figure is a light clear blue resin with blue glow. The second in the foreground is mainly a paint experiment, but should be close to the final color scheme (probably minus the pants). The one in the background is a dark green clear.

new victim #1s

Here we have some early tests for two new Victim #1 Colorways. "Nuclear Winter" is in translucent swirly blue with a blue glow flame with spot paint details. "Unnamed Monochrome edition" has a base of light grey resin and will have sick graytone painted details and a clear grey flame.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

we aint dead...

just bussy busy getting some hot new figs ready. Here's a little text-preview:
-new colors for Victim#1: monochromey and nuclear winter
- brand new sculpt, Skullmaster's Mortal Enemy; AXEFACE
- loads of awesome pantsmontre oneoffs

So stay tuned brave soldiers, we'll have some new goodness up soon.