Friday, August 22, 2008

some more Axeface

Here are a few more shots of Axeface. Below is the final prototype, sculpted with Super Sculpey, primed white and sanded furiously. He's about to be clayed up and molded.

Axeface says "hello" from the beach!

Here's a turnaround of a clear grey casting that cliff's gonna paint up into something pretty. The levels are tweaked a bit to show some detail.

A wip shot of axeface's first edition. Green base with blue and yellow spray. They'll each have some distiguising features, and will be limited to three pieces(!). These suckers are biiiig... one Axeface takes 24 oz of resing, whereas one Victim takes 7 (4 oz for the body, 3 for the flame). Thats a pretty huge difference, and has thus expedited our current drought of white resin. Ooof.

Axeface in prison..