Friday, March 13, 2009


The rumors are true; MONSTREHERO is headed west! Cliff is going to Portland and I (sean) am going to Los Angeles. MONSTREHERO will still exist, but now we can work on opposite ends of the west coast, slowly conquering until we meet in the middle.

So, as with most bi-coastal moves, one must part with certain material possessions to lighten the burden. We've decided to sift through our cavernous reserves of MONSTRE-goodness and find items that we think we can part with.

Hence, the MONSTRE-GARAGE SALE. Starting this Sunday night, 3-15-09, we're going to have a bunch of older toys on super sale. I'm talking $15 blindbag pantsmonstres here. Other deals abound, so if you've been holding off stuff, or haven't given resin a try, or want to spread the word, nows the time to do it!