Friday, March 19, 2010


If you follow our Flickr page (and you should, because we're way better at updating that than this poor blog), you've seen that we've been posting a bunch of WIPs for our latest special release of the Mysterious Ape. I just wanted to show a bit of my paint isn't anything terribly fancy, but I had my camera sitting there and thought, well why not? You can check out the pics here.

So, where can I get one of these fine simian specimens, you may ask? Why, this Saturday (tomorrow) March 20 at Super7 (online and in-store)! We've done a slightly larger run than normal, so hopefully everyone who wants one can get one. I feel he's a nice compliment to the MISHKA Ape we did last month (pics here), and of course he GLOWS so it's win-win either way!