Thursday, May 31, 2012

AXEFACE B.C. drops Friday June 1st at noon!

Dropping tomorrow, Friday June 1st 2012 at 12pm PST is a fresh new batch of our AXEFACE B.C.! This being the first "official" release (the other being a few samples at last year's Designercon) we wanted to do something a little cool, so each AXEFACE B.C. will come with an old-school toy catalog and a print! No pics of the print yet cuz I'm still drawing it, damnit. And, in a MH first (?), we have an official story blurb! Check it out:

Axeface...the Scourge of Pre-history and the Ancient Enemy of the Skullmasters!

The spawn of ancient beasts and dark science, the Axeface clan is renowned and reviled for their brutal combat skill and blood magic alike. On the battlefield they are cruel and merciless, their arms and armor crafted from the bones of their fallen foes. An Axeface is alway ready for a rumble!

So where did the Axeface's come from? Who taught them this blood magic? Are they always evil or are they just born that way? All these questions and more will be answered..eventually!