Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MonstreHero x RxH LEECHFACE (and more) @ SDCC and beyond

Hey guys! We wanted to share these pics and info about our just-completed collab with Japanese soft vinyl god REAL HEAD titled LEECHFACE. Leechface is a RxH Adult-sized body with a cast resin hands and a rotocast resin head, all painted up and glossed with Monster Kolor! There are three types available; one edition (middle guy) and two one-offs.

Since we don't have an official set-up spot at SDCC this year to release them we'll be doing it "twitter-tag guerilla" style. Make sure to follow @monstresean and @monstrecliff on Twitter and Instagram for location updates and if you're interested, we'll meet up! We've also got a bunch of resin goodies too, like our new Bloody Victim Heads and our Mini Monstres, all unique!

Those not attending SDCC (and even those that are) should keep an eye out on throughout the week too...